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As a Spray-Net partner, not only will you deliver a unique service to your customers, youll operate your business within the home-improvement and service-based industries, two of the fastest growing markets for business in the US.
As a Spray-Net partner, not only will you deliver a unique service to your customers, youll operate your business within the home-improvement and service-based industries, two of the fastest growing markets for business in the US.

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Franchise Costs

  • Cash Investment: $100,000
  • Investment Range: $123,000 - $163,000
  • Franchise Fees: $30,000

Franchise Benefits

  • Training & Support: Yes
  • Financing Available: Yes

Industry Information

  • Industry: Home Services Franchises
  • Franchise Units: 100

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We all know that renovations can be a major nightmare and often end up costing a lot more than anticipated. At a fraction the cost of replacing doors, windows, brick and exterior sidings but with practically all the benefits and done in a day, Spray-Net is the quickest and most cost-effective way to boost a home’s curb appeal and increase property value!

spray net franchise

The tech for a smarter franchise! 

Technology has been a revolutionary force in other industries and marketplaces, and the same is occurring in the remodeling industry.

spray net technology

The Chemistry

Introducing the most customized exterior coating system in the painting industry.

Some surfaces require a flexible and breathable coating while others require heat resistance and hardness. Each coating is formulated specifically to match the needs of the surface being revamped.


Dry time is actually one of the most important factors to affect paint adhesion. We adjust our coatings on-site based on the weather that day to ensure proper dry time for a like-new factory finish and long-term durability.


An optimal resin to pigment ratio is key to ensure color retention. Each coating is specifically formulated to ensure maximum exterior fade resistance!

The Patents

Because there aren’t any products on the market for what we do, we’ve engineered our very own line of industrial-strength exterior paints and coatings. By inversing the rules of how to formulate and apply coatings, we’ve created a new patented process that allows us to provide customers with a home transformation that leaves their home looking like-new… and not repainted for years to come.

The Opportunity

As a Spray-Net partner, not only will you deliver a unique service to your customers, you’ll operate your business within the home-improvement and service-based industries, two of the fastest growing markets for business in the US.

In 2015: $65.3 Billion was spent on exterior replacements and property improvements.

Homeowners renovate to enhance the LOOK of their home!

Here’s what homeowners had to say when asked which one factor was the most important when considering their exterior renovation:

Spray net

The Numbers – Investment

Our total investment numbers include both operational costs that are needed up-front to run your business as well all initial investments required to start up your business. Our turn-key start-up package includes everything you need from business cards to the drill needed for on-site work. The investment range is detailed in item 7 of our franchise disclosure document.


Franchise Sales

The Spray-Net Support

By cutting out the middle men we are able to transfer those savings to formulate and manufacture our high-quality coatings for about the same price it would cost to buy off-the-shelf conventional paint. These savings are passed on to the homeowner to provide maximum value!

Bringing factory quality results right to your customers.

How exactly do we deliver a permanent factory finish directly on-site to homeowners? The combination of our coatings, our software and our equipment!

Our industrial-strength coatings are the result of thousands of hours of research and rigorous lab and field testing in extreme weather conditions. Each coating is specifically tailored to an exterior surface, which allows us to guarantee our projects and consistently deliver a permanent factory quality finish. Our formulations are even weather- adjustable, giving us the ability to speed up or slow down dry-time on-site to deal with the heat, humidity and wind on the very day of your project.

spray net support


Our internal marketing and communications agency takes care of your entire marketing strategy from A-Z. From print to digital advertising, we build a full marketing plan tailored to your specific market to ensure maximum brand exposure within your territory. This allows you to focus on delivering our service and satisfying each and every one of your customers.

The Customers Love It…

And our franchisee’s love it too!

Dave Martin – Spray-Net Calgary 

Dave martin franchise

“ I’ve held CEO & leadership positions in several companies & while there’s enormous gratification, there’s also the stress associated to overseeing all aspects of a business. Going the franchise route allows me to focus 100% of my time in a role that I enjoy within an industry I love! ”

Nathan Mcquaid – Spray-Net Charlottetown

“ Self-employment is something that I really became interested in as I progressed through University. I feel that since work accounts for about a third of your life, you better enjoy what you do and who you do it with! ”

Spray Net Before and Afters

Spray Net franchise

The Ideal Candidate

You might be surprised to learn that when you start a Spray Net painting franchise, you don’t need much of a background in painting or home improvement. Our franchise partners come from a variety of backgrounds, and we’re excited to welcome franchisees from many different professions to our company.

spray net franchise

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