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Franchise Costs

  • Cash Investment: $9,500
  • Investment Range: $9,500 - $9,500
  • Franchise Fees: $1

Franchise Benefits

  • Training & Support: Yes
  • Financing Available: Yes

Industry Information

  • Industry: Canadian Franchises
  • Franchise Units: n/a

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Entrepreneurs who are appointed as Chem-Dry franchisees receive a unique business opportunity. Chem-Dry has a proven business formula that allows you to operate an independent business without a large amount of capital. As a Chem-Dry franchise you can build your business to any size you like, from one single van to a large multi-van operation. Many of our franchise owners start off with one or more technicians who clean the carpets, while the franchise owner manages the business.

As a Chem-Dry franchisee, you have the backing of one of the leaders in cleaning technology, Harris Research, Inc., which is a US-based organization solely dedicated to supporting Chem-Dry franchises throughout the world. With a tried and tested franchise package, you will quickly build up a successful customer base. And you can rest assured that nothing cleans carpets and upholstery like Chem-Dry.

Products & Services

What began as a home-based business quickly grew into a very profitable multi-van operation. As the Snows’ Chem-Dry business continued to prosper and grow (from a $115,000 turnover in their first year to an impressive $540,000 in their fifth year), the New Zealand Chem-Dry network also went from strength to strength.

While building their independent cleaning franchise, Peter began introducing the Chem-Dry opportunity to his customers. The business model the Snows pioneered was successful in helping establish over 36 franchises in the first year, making New Zealand the first country in the world with full Chem-Dry coverage. The success of Chem-Dry in New Zealand even motivated several families to move to Australia to secure franchises in that budding market.

In June 1991, Peter was invited to purchase the Canadian Master Franchise License. Under his leadership, the Canadian operation has enjoyed steady growth from 2 corporate staff members and 67 franchises, to 20 staff members and 122 franchises, making Chem-Dry the largest Carpet and Upholstery cleaning franchise network in Canada.

The Chem-Dry process itself has changed a lot over the past two decades. What began very simply as a bonnet system paired with cold carbonated solutions has gone through several evolutionary phases. During the 1990’s, Chem-Dry’s U.S. parent company, Harris Research, Inc., (which became a wholly owned subsidiary of The Home Depot January 9, 2006) developed and patented the Hot Carbonating Extraction process and its complementary, world-leading equipment.

By pairing breakthrough technology with exclusive, patented solutions, Chem-Dry franchises throughout the world have access to a sophisticated array of equipment and products to get the best results for every customer.

“There has never been so much available to our franchisees or their customers. We have a solution for every carpet and upholstery-cleaning problem. Our franchisees can confidently work on developing their businesses, without having to worry about keeping up with the competition.”

In 1998, Chem-Dry Corporate Services (CDCS) was established at Chem-Dry Canada’s head offices in Chilliwack, BC to secure national contracts for the franchise network. Says Snow: “Our goal in establishing CDCS was to provide a complete service to our corporate clients and at the same time, obtain and manage the work for our franchises. It’s a business model based on a win-win -- and it’s working very well.”

The CDCS Division has grown considerably, now providing over 1,000 jobs to the Canadian Chem-Dry network each month. In 2007 Chem-Dry Canada became the official carpet and upholstery cleaner for The Home Depot with their "In-Home Cleaning Services" program.

The model is simple: CDCS provides Customer Care Services to The Bay customers in the Western and Maritime provinces. By simply calling a toll-free number, customers are instantly put into contact with one of our highly qualified Customer Care operators who take the booking and forward the work to one of the Chem-Dry franchise businesses in their area. Skilled CDCS operators provide job management and Quality Assurance services.

Training & Support

Chem-Dry franchisees receive ongoing support from Chem-Dry Canada in various ways including:
  • Ongoing Technical Training, including Upgrade Training, New Employee Training, Refresher Training, etc.
  • PC and Software Training, including Chem-Dry bespoke software as well as the Microsoft Office products.
  • Seminars, held regularly across the country
  • Business telephone support.
  • Monthly Newsletters, including update information, new products, company information, Health & Safety, Personnel etc.
  • Business Development events, for franchisees to discuss relevant issues relating to their business.
  • Business Development support, providing one-to-one help for franchisees who want to grow their business.
  • The Chem-Dry Annual Convention.
  • Marketing Support dedicated to building brand awareness, market research and developing campaigns.

Why Chem-Dry Canada?

Here are just a few if the things you will benefit from as the owner of a Chem-Dry franchise:

Expert Training
Included with the purchase of your Chem-Dry franchise is the cost for travel and accommodation to attend your 5 days of intensive training at our Head Office in Chilliwack, BC. This Initial Training Course includes hands-on equipment use, instruction in maintenance, product range and uses, marketing, sales training, computer program training, and ISO-based business management.

Ongoing Support
Our Chem-Dry Canada team is committed to providing support during all stages of your business development; after all, our success depends on your success. Whether you are looking for marketing ideas, Yellow Pages design, technical support, advice on expansion, or any other topic relative to operating and growing a successful Chem-Dry business, our experienced and capable team is always willing to assist.

Corporate Clients
Chem-Dry Corporate Services (CDCS) is a division of Chem-Dry Canada Ltd., which is established to secure national contracts for commercial and warranty clients. The goal of CDCS is to generate and provide profitable work for the Chem-Dry Network and to enhance the brand for the benefit of all.

Exclusive Equipment & Products
With the purchase of your Chem-Dry Business, and in addition to all the initial cleaning products that will enable you to complete approximately $17, 000 worth of cleaning, you will have the option to purchase or lease the complete equipment package, which includes our patented “Hot Carbonating Extraction” unit and accompanying cleaning head the PowerHead AX™.

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