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Franchise Clique, a privately held company, is one of the nation's fastest growing Internet-based marketing companies. We specialize in lead generation services and solutions for franchises and business opportunities. Our business serves as a lead generation portal connecting the best franchisors with the most qualified franchisee clients.

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How We Got Here - "We Can Do It Better"

The industry professionals who founded Franchise Clique spent the better part of the past decade working for current competitors. Franchise Clique's team has a combined 20 years of lead generation, publishing and advertising experience. The business itself, founded in 2009, was inspired by two key realizations. First, the lead generation industry was relying on outdated techniques and technology when it came to the franchise industry. Second, Franchise Clique's founder knew he had the technical know-how and professional experience to create a different and better company than that of their competitors.

When It All Just Cliques

Historically speaking, the online executive education space has the most successful lead generation technology. Inspired by the online executive education industry, Franchise Clique created it's own rare proprietary technology and software that transposes the online education industry's success onto the franchise industry. In short, Franchise Clique's techniques and technology have brought lead generation for franchises to the 21st century. Now, our innovative technological practices connect more franchisors and small business entrepreneurs than ever while simultaneously eliminating unnecessary guesswork.

Where We Are Today

Today, Franchise Clique is one of the premier sources for leads in the franchise industry. Franchise Clique works with hundreds of franchises and business opportunities and offers unparalleled advertising opportunities to clients through our proprietary technology. Our unique platform allows hopeful entrepreneurs the ability to find hundreds of available franchises and business opportunities and connect them immediately with franchise development teams.

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